Printing Industry Trends in Focus for 2024

Despite the rapid development of digital services, the printing industry is still going strong.

It holds its position as an irreplaceable tool for marketing and brand image formation. Below you can learn about the printing industry trends on the rise in 2023 and projected to remain hot in 2024.

Digital Printing Development

This segment of the printing industry market has been steadily growing for the past several years. In 2019, around 17% of all orders were fulfilled using digital printing, whereas for 2023 this figure already stands at 25+%. Such a dynamics can be explained by convenience, high speed and availability of printing services for both major and minor customers. The latter especially appreciate services allowing for printing of small volumes for moderate price. Moreover, digital printing enables creation of custom banners, signboards, etc. featuring QR-codes currently widely used in all spheres of human activity.

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Printing Industry Trends 2023

Process Automation

Since 2020, multiple printing companies have been facing serious challenges due to the pandemic and the geopolitical environment. For instance, during the lockdown period the number of orders decreased substantially, and the introduced sanctions forced the market players to look for new suppliers of equipment and materials. In such an environment, the market players were faced with the necessity to optimize their costs. Automation of work processes is a way to decrease expenditures and improve the product quality at the same time. Automation services are highly sought for in such areas as printing via the Internet, color correction, pre-print processing of documents and photos, and equipment controls. Certainly, at the first stage, market players will have to invest in new equipment and software, but the resulting savings may amount to at least 15 % of the current figures. Automation may provide for expansion of the volumes of rendered services and enable taking on more complex jobs, positively affecting your company's revenues.

Service Range Expansion

Today, companies on the market offer services that go beyond simple printing orders and can include development of a design or a brand book from scratch. It is beneficial for both parties. The customer receives a "turnkey" product and does not have to waste time searching for both design developers and a printing company and can save funds without sacrificing the quality. In turn, the service provider has a chance to expand its project portfolio, gain valuable experience and start positioning itself as a company with expert knowledge in multiple sectors.

Design: Minimalism, back to the 80—90's, Neural Networks, Kinesthetics

As for printing design, four trends are in the lead in 2023–2024, and at a first glance, they are very different from each other. Minimalistic design is very popular today — simple strong lines, calm colors (often black and white only), as few letters as possible, and no graphic elements featuring large blank spaces. Such approach allows to emphasize the text and better incorporate other design elements.

On the other hand, some elements of 1980–90's design are trending again. The nostalgia for that period is manifesting in the use of bright in-your-face colors (yellow, blue, green, pink) with acidic overtones, and geometric shapes (cubes, arrows, hearts, smileys), flat images, mosaic, stylized stickers. These design solutions are primarily aimed at millennials whose childhood spanned those years.

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Active use of neural networks for generation of images is another current trend. Today, the artificial intelligence can create not only 'fantasy pics', but also images virtually indistinguishable from real photos. The most important part of the process is to carefully develop correct instructions for the AI. As a result, you can encounter projects where all images were generated by neural networks.

The concept of kinesthetics will help you emphasize the uniqueness of your brand or publication. Designer's paper, die-cutting, engraving, three-dimensional images or fonts on the title page, cover or business card are sure to attract attention of your audience.


As in the rest of the world, the trend for conscious consumption and minimization of impact on the environment is strengthening in our country with every passing year. The printing industry today uses recycled products more extensively and implements solutions aimed at reduction of resource consumption.

The trends listed above are very likely to remain hot in 2024. In any case, despite all the recent challenges, printed products remain in high demand with various customers, from international companies to tiny local players. Thus, considering the gradual stabilization of the economic situation, establishment of strong partner connections becomes more and more relevant.

One of the most efficient ways to search for new customers and strengthen relationships with the existing ones is participation in industry-wide events, such as Printech International Exhibition.

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For more than 8 years, Printech has been one of the most effective platforms for equipment manufacturers and suppliers to meet new customers, find new partners, expand their sales geography and improve their skills at activities involving the leading experts of the industry.

In summer of 2023, more than 2,500 professionals visited the Exhibition participants’ stands, which is by 37% more than in 2022. This is in addition to 30,000+ visitors of the RosUpack Exhibition, who express their interest in printing equipment used in packaging industry.

If your company is a manufacturer/supplier of equipment, technologies and materials used in printing and advertising industries, then participation in the 9th Printech International Exhibition of Equipment, Technologies and Supplies for Print and Advertising Production is your chance to make yourself known to potential customers and occupy vacant places on the Russian printing industry market.