6 Color Rotating Printer for PE tube

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6 Color Rotating Printer for PE tube

6 Color Rotating Printer is based on advanced technical design of European countries, combined with practical experiences from tube factories. Being the best Choice of PE tube printing, it has stable quality and easy to operate and maintenance.

Rotating Printer for PE tube

Printing blanket unit, mandrel disk unit and oven can obtain the most reasonable in line speed by using individual motor and control constant speed by computer. There are three functions of this machine: printing, coating and drying separately or in line.

It is most suitable for precise & clear printing. It also provide larger printing area & half tone jobs facility.

For method of coating and drying, there are Regular Oven and UV Drying or both together for optional. For UV lacquer, special UV oven is required, with which to obtain rapid drying out and more glossy surface. The company also offer UV & heater oven in common which can save space and easy to operate and save energy for customer to choose accordingly.

Precise index ensures accuracy of every movement.It is easy to dismount/rectify printing mandrel. Tube feeding system works with detector. Coating will not be proceed without tube on mandrel. Machine will stop automatically if tubes are not taken from mandrel to the oven.

  • Corona system with precipitator ensures cleaning of tubes before printing.

  • Reasonable ink-transmission system shows good effect to large area/screen point printing.

  • Foldable ink unit is easy to clean, change color and stick printing plate.

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