CH Packaging has established wide business cooperation relationships in flexible package industry

Zhejiang Changhai Packaging Group Co., Ltd (CH Packaging) was established in 1995, which is the parent company of Zhejiang Changhai Packaging Group.

CH Packaging is specialized in providing flexible packaging solutions for food, medical, daily chemical, personal care products, including research and development, production, and trading.

The company has 100,000 class Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) workshop and 10,000 class microbiological lab, to ensure Zhejiang Changhai Packaging Group stay at the forefront of packaging technologies in flexible packaging materials.

CH Packaging

Depending on advanced technical strength, professional ethics and responsibilities, CH Packaging has established wide business cooperation relationships in flexible package industry and gained publish praise. Company products are already exported directly to USA, Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa etc.

The company has own raw material factory:

  • Zhejiang Changyu for high barrier film, they have 11 Metallizing Production Lines and 4 PVDC Coating Production Lines. Its Vacuum metallized film’s annual capacity over 60,000 metric tons, PVDC coated materials’ annual capacity over 6,000 metric tons.
  • Haining Changkun factory for Biaxial-oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), they have German Bruckner Production Line and Bermany Kampf Slitter. Its annual capacity is over 70,000 metric tons.
  • Haining Changlin for Polyethylene Blown Production Lines.
  • Zhejiang Changhai for finished bag and film, company have 10 Printing & Lamination Production Lines, 2 Video Editing (Inspection) and 8 High-speed Slitter, 20 Bag Making Machines.

Zhejiang Changhai Packaging Group

Zhejiang Changhai Packaging Group new technical on packing solution:

  • Recyclable Materials — single material PE for food packaging;
  • PVOH (PVA) Coating on the PET / Nylon / BOPP / MDOPE base materials (High barrier & more eco-friendly compared to PVDC Coating);
  • Individual / unique QR code;
  • Punctiform Tearing / Velcro Zipper / Laser Score;
  • Large Quad Seal Pouch with Handle In Side Gussets;
  • Non-woven Printing (Application: Baby Diapers).

Please visit Zhejiang Changhai Packaging Group at F6067, Pavilion 2, Hall 7.

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