Russian and German teams combine to score in Moscow

The World Cup is in Russia! That is not news of course but the consequences of bringing the event to the country caused some serious challenges for exhibitors planning to participate at the Printech and RosUpack 2018 packaging exhibition in Moscow

In addition to hosting the most important print event in Russia, the sprawling IEC Crocus Expo Center is home for several events supporting the World Cup. Because of the clash exhibitors had the time allocated to set-up their stands slashed to just two days. Most exhibitors of course took the conservative approach and just set-up information booths. But not Heidelberg Russia! Given the chance to launch the new Diana Easy foldergluer to the Russian market they set themselves the challenge of getting a fully working foldergluer up and running in a day and a half. The key to achieving this remarkablly short set-up time was extensive preparation and testing of show machine in the MK Masterworks factory in Nove Mesto, Slovakia prior to shipment. Nove Mesto has been the location for manufacture of all Diana foldergluers for more than thirty years and the experience of highly skilled technicians based there played a vital role in fine tuning the machine before it was put on the truck to head east. Working closely with service specialists from the Heidelberg Postpress Packaging based in Germany, the Russian installation crew spent several days in Nove Mesto running the show jobs ot ensure the installation could be fast and smooth as possible.

Happy to say the investment paid off. Having one of the few running machines at the show proved to be a big draw for Russian customers and the Heidelberg stand was busy from when the show first opened its doors.

The Diana Easy justifies further investigation by packaging and commercial printers looking to upgrade their foldergluing capacity, extend their portfolio of products and reduce their manufacturing costs. Developed from the high performance range of Diana foldergluers the Easy delivers same high output and broad range of carton styles as earlier models but at a very competitive economic price.